Growing Revenue in Grains

SOHAR is currently in the process of developing silos for a strategic grain reserve that is forecast to turn over 600,000 tonnes of grain each year. Some of this will be channelled to the local market, but a large portion of grain volumes will end up on the international market. To support this new cluster, Atyab Investment and Oman Flour Mills will soon build the country’s first terminal dedicated to the import and export of agricultural bulk – wheat, rice, barley, and other grains.

This new terminal will be capable of loading and unloading grains at 600 tonnes an hour, which is competitive. Meanwhile, SOHAR’s close proximity to large food markets and ability to receive both Panamax and Post-Panamax vessels – ships that are too large to pass through the Panama Canal – make it easy to achieve scale and therefore economical to re-export grains for large traders.

Alongside the terminal, a new sugar refinery is to be built to produce white sugar, feeding downstream industries and generating significant dry bulk volumes – including around one million tonnes of raw sugar imports.

Download the Grains Seabury Report to find out more.