Corporate Social Responsibility

At SOHAR Port and Freezone, we see Corporate Social Responsibility as the key to a successful future. The CSR effort is built on the three pillars of CSR: Sustainability, Commitment and Transparency. It is an essential duty, and as such is recognised by the Executive Board.

The SOHAR Port and Freezone is developing, in partnership with its tenant industries and those communities and organisations in the neighbourhood and region, a world class port and integrated industrial area. This is fuelling further industrial growth in the region and Oman. The purpose of CSR is to oversee that this is developed in a manner that is sustainable, balanced and provides long term benefit to the local community and to the nation.

This development must work to the following core criteria:

  1. To promote the effective, safe and efficient handling of vessel traffic, to ensure nautical and maritime order and safety and to serve as the competent, major port in the region.
  2. To develop, construct, manage and operate the port and industrial area in the Sohar region sustainably, in the broadest sense of the word. This means preserving the environment, benefitting communities and preserving the quality of life in those communities into the future.

We are pursuing industrial development to international quality standards based on a model that is economically sound and committed to continued future growth. We are doing this whilst taking into account the need to preserve for the future community interests such as health, community values, environmental protection and an attractive working environment.

Here, we at SOHAR Port and Freezone put into words our ambition to achieve these objectives in a manner socially responsible and that will benefit all in the community, on into the future.

Further explanation is provided below on the three pillars on which CSR is built.
Focus Areas

Communication and Interaction.

SOHAR Port and Freezone believes in close communication and interaction with local communities. This is to develop mutual understanding of respective interests and benefits between community and industry, and the changes that development will bring. This is done in a variety of ways including the news media, school visits, open days and joint sports and social activities.

Job Creation and Employment

A key benefit of industrial growth is that it will generate job opportunity. In addition SOHAR Port and Freezone promotes and supports job creation and youth training schemes and general training to increase individual employment potential to make the most of that opportunity.

Education and Vocational Training

SOHAR Port and Freezone supports Education and vocational training through scholarships, student development programmes and health and sports programmes for schools.

Environment, Health and Safety.

Protection of the environment and the people in it is one of SOHAR Port and Freezone`s key concerns. In the local community this is promoted through activities such as beach cleaning activities, road safety seminars, first aid and substance abuse programmes.

Local Businesses

We aim to support business through good communication and interaction with the local fishing industry, briefing and liaison visits to local businesses. This will include developing opportunities to develop business from tourism. We intend to sponsor business administration seminars and programmes to which local business and tenant industry executives are invited to contribute.

Sport and Recreation

We support local sports activities and events as a major part of the social structure of local communities. This includes support to local sports & recreation events and festivals; sports assessment and coaching programmes.


We value highly our heritage and its preservation. Support for this is included in our CSR programme accordingly. Activities will include sponsoring local festivals, heritage days and local traditional entertainment groups.